Why Hold BTCMillennium ?

Bitcoin Millennium is a solution for the global population and connects with other planets.

Bitcoin Millennium

About Bitcoin Millennium

Bitcoin Millennium is the Blockchain cryptocurrency of the new decentralized finance platform for the global community.

Bitcoin Millennium assembles the optimal solutions for the next generation of Bitcoin Satoshi. It includes all decentralized applications that satisfy the limitless era of decentralization within the next 1000 years of human.

Every Bitcoin Millennium transaction conducted exists on a public ledger that is accessible to everyone, and makes transactions difficult to reverse and forge.

Bitcoin Millennium guarantees to break all limits to provide the optimal security system and performance in order to process the limited issues of transaction fees, save time and enhance the Blockchain platform that lasts over time.

#BTCMillennium is issued to bring many benefits to the global Community.

First, $BTC was born as a new solution to support everyone who wants to own Bitcoin with a low starting price since BTC Satoshi became too expensive for the average person to access cryptocurrency today. Moreover, $BTC has stable profitability.

Second, $BTC is vehicle for a fully decentralized smart payment application. That allows connection to global e-commerce platforms. Users will pay for any costs for goods and services on the e-commerce site. It is set up as an unregulated intermediary with fiat and crypto or crypto to crypto gateways.
Last, 5% $BTC will distribute for social fundraising.

Bitcoin Millennium Charity Foundation is unleashing the power of blockchain to help poor children globally and fight against the Global Pandemic to ensure the health of people and our earth.

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