Bitcoin Millennium Overview


About Bitcoin Millennium

Bitcoin Millennium is the Blockchain cryptocurrency of the new decentralized finance platform for the global community.

Bitcoin Millennium assembles the optimal solutions for the next generation of Bitcoin Satoshi. It includes all decentralized applications that satisfy the limitless era of decentralization within the next 1000 years of human.

Every Bitcoin Millennium transaction conducted exists on a public ledger that is accessible to everyone, and makes transactions difficult to reverse and forge.

Bitcoin Millennium guarantees to break all limits to provide the optimal security system and performance to process the limited issues of transaction fees, save time and enhance the Blockchain platform that lasts over time.

1. Vision

According to researching data, in 2021, the population is approximately 8 billion people and maybe doubles after 1000 years. However, currently, only 120 million Blockchain wallets have been downloaded, which are equivalent to 1% of the population that accesses and uses Cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that by the year 3000, the global population will be twice the current population, and all of them will be using Cryptocurrency payments via the internet.

The anonymous founding team relies on the 12-year history of cryptocurrency development (2009–2021) to come up with an efficient solution for humans until 3000. BITCOIN Millennium is a solution for the global population and connects with other planets. The number of supply will satisfy according to the actual state of population growth and the ability to pay for life.

2. Mission

Bitcoin Millennium yields an optimized solution to every transaction in the cryptocurrency market.

When the global population begins to realize the power of decentralized financial payments with Cryptocurrency, that is also when they see the limitations that Bitcoin is bringing: Consumption of electrical energy, environmental pollution. Bitcoin users abuse for nefarious payments, currency manipulation and profiting from price manipulation.

3. Highlights of Bitcoin Millennium

Bitcoin Millennium is built to extend the decentralized capabilities of cryptocurrency (DeFi Cryptocurrency) through many improvements: Security, fast transaction processing speed and unlimited scalability, lowest costs transaction, anti-manipulation in Crypto transactions.

4. Solution

- Satisfy the entire population of the globe in terms of numbers of BlockChain wallets.

- Offer a low starting price, ensuring everyone being able to own 1 BTC.

- Offer a high level of security.

- Handle transaction speeds for hundreds of millions of TPS (Transaction processing system).

- Ensure the principle of 100% decentralization.

- Launch a diverse ecosystem to make payments easy.

- Comply with the principle of anti-money laundering of governments all over the world.

5. Ecosystem.

- New Blockchain

- Decentralize Exchange

- DeFi Payment Getway

- Bitcoin Millennium Staking

6. Bitcoin Millennium Token

Bitcoin Millennium Token (BTC) is issued as a BEP-20 token, running on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Token Information

Project: Bitcoin Millennium

Token Name: BITCOIN

Token Symbol: BTC

Contract Address: 0x93bd72ec06d1c31a4f9a6f1e683993629b4dac1d

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